Green Xanax Bars Online Being charged with a DUI is usually a very frustrating experience.  The circumstances surrounding a DUI arrest vary widely from case to case.  In addition, DUI laws in Arizona are some of the toughest in the nation.

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Being charged with DUI means dealing with the criminal case and with the MVD, as well.  A DUI charge can bring with it additional hearings regarding possible license suspension or revocation, as well as other issues even before the criminal case is resolved.  Penalties for DUI are severe and typically include incarceration, fines, licenses suspension or revocation, and additional expenses like the ignition interlock device and SR-22 insurance.


Depending upon the circumstances, a person can be charged with a misdemeanor for DUI, Extreme DUI, or Super-Extreme DUI.  These charges are usually based upon the amount of alcohol alleged to be in a person’s system.  A person can also be charged with a DUI for allegedly having drugs or drug metabolites in his or her system.

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In certain situations, a person can be charged with a felony for Aggravated DUI.  These cases typically involve charges that include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with an additional allegation.  This includes alleged DUI while a person’s license is suspended or revoked, while a person under the age of 15 is in the car, or the allegation that the DUI would be a person’s 3rd DUI within 84 months (7 years).

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There are numerous defenses to DUI and challenges to illegal search and seizure can provide an additional defense to these charges.  An experienced DUI attorney can help you defend your case and protect your rights.  If you have been charged with a DUI, a lawyer with experience can guide you through the process and help you to achieve the best outcome in your case.

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