Drug Cases

Being charged with a drug-related offense can be a frustrating and confusing. The situations that lead to arrests for crimes like drug possession, prescription drug offenses, and drug paraphernalia are often complicated and police often do not do thorough investigations before making arrests. Drug laws are different from the general laws and experience with issues like illegal searches, Prop 200 protection, threshold amounts, and methamphetamine laws is important to defending your case. Zach Storrs has extensive experience successfully defending drug charges. He has defended over 1,000 cases involving drug charges.


How To Order Xanax Online Forum Police commonly arrest people for drug possession based upon little investigation. There are numerous defenses to drug possession as well as challenges to illegal police search and seizure, including traffic stops and various types of searches. In addition, diversion programs and other resolutions short of trial are sometimes available options in alternative to trial. There are many laws that are specifically about drug possession. Having an attorney who is familiar with these laws and with the legal issues found in drug possession can help in preparing a case for trial or for seeking an alternate resolution.

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Prosecutors can charge a person with drug sales or possession with intent to sale because they allege that a person actually sold drugs or possessed drugs with an intent to sell them. Consequences for a drug sales conviction can be severe, even more so if there is are allegations that the amount of the alleged drugs were over the threshold weight under Arizona law. Drug sales cases can be complicated and the legal issues surrounding illegal police searches can provide multiple avenues for a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend your case.

How Do I Get Prescribed Xanax Online Charges for illegally possessing, attempting to obtain, or selling prescription drugs can be just as severe as for typical drug offenses. The circumstances in these cases are often unique and there are numerous defenses. These can include the defense that a person who is charged had a legal right to the prescription in question. An experienced attorney can guide you through the legal issues and help you to present your defense to charges involving prescription drugs.

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Xanax Uk Order In Arizona, there are separate laws governing synthetic drugs like Spice and Bath Salts. Federal laws also govern these drugs, especially when there are allegations of production or sale of synthetic drugs. An attorney with experience defending drug cases can help to prepare a defense in cases involving synthetic drugs and to assert your 4th Amendment rights.