Xanax Online Pakistan “Almost 6 years ago I met Zach Storrs, as he was to be the attorney to represent me in my felony DUI case. I walked in his office already well versed in what I wanted and what I needed… I’m not quite sure he knew what had just walked in the door or what to do with me after I left.

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Zach sat across the desk from me and he LISTENED to what I had to say and when I was done he respectfully replied and used my own words in telling me how he could help me and what he would try to help me achieve. Anyone in AZ facing a felony DUI already knows there is a mandatory 4 month prison time, it’s a class 4 felony and probation.

I had already turned my life around and was putting blood, sweat and tears into creating a life that was “rehabilitated in the states eyes”. Zach fought hard for me during the 5 month fight. He kept me informed, educated and he worked the best deal for me. Zach is an educated, experienced, passionate man who I experienced as authentic.

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale He either answered the phone or returned my call in a timely manner. If he didn’t know the answer he would tell me that he would find out and get back to me and he did. Zach went a step further in that once my case was over he still answered my questions, he still responded to my emails or calls. With Zach’s education I have now received my rights back and have successfully been granted a set aside of my case… as it turns out I “am rehabilitated more than in the states eyes” and am so thankful for Zach. I would recommend Zach Storrs to anyone in trouble.” -Christy

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